As they say, beginnings were never easy

That's how it all began...

In 1998, Magüi Carratalá bought an old 18th century mansion, restored it and it was not until the year 2000 when it began to operate as a hotel. This house belonged to several families before becoming a hotel. These families continue to visit us to remember old times.

A journey through time

We have dusted off albums and selected a series of photos that show the restoration of what was a family mansion to the hotel of today

"At Las Calas we create spaces whose decoration leaves no one indifferent, inviting you to stay in them and making you feel at home."

Our philosophy

"We follow the "Slow Travel" movement, that is to say, to travel calmly, without haste. This is the mission that we want to fulfill with our clients. "


We are committed to the slow-food and eco-slow movement

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Our orchard

Here you will find fruit trees or fruit plants such as pear trees, lemon trees, quince trees, pepper trees, orange trees and a mulberry tree. We also have chard, rosemary, parsley and orchard grass. Everything we get from the orchard is used in the food we serve; this is why the food at our hotel is so delicious.

Slow food

We advocate pleasurable, knowledgeable and slow eating, enjoying everything we put in our mouths in a calm and quiet way, without the rush we are subjected to daily.

Eco slow

As it could not be otherwise, we obtain our food from our own land or from local farmers in order to offer our customers quality food, since as far as possible, we grow it organically and ecologically.

The lady of the house

María Luisa or Magüi is what we all call her. She is the reason why both our clients and the staff fall in love with Las Calas.

Without her, it is clear that this hotel would not be the hotel it is today.

She dedicated a great part of her life to work and live in the hotel, a lot of effort, dedication and sacrifice; always innovating, changing the decoration of the rooms, here and there, in order to improve the day to day life of the client...

Thanks to her and the love she has for animals in this hotel all pets are welcome.

And as an important fact, our dinner menus are her recipes, carefully and lovingly prepared, because she is a real chef.

Marilyn Saoyao

She has been with us for many years, the most veteran, she arrived from the Philippines in 2006 with her studies in hospitality and found Las Calas. Since then and until now she has seen many of our customers come and go and see them repeat. They all agree that Marilyn never loses her smile.


She is in charge of welcoming our guests with dogs or cats, with the latter it is difficult for her to be cordial, but she tries. She loves to run around the gardens and play with the guests (especially if they have food nearby, she is very smart).