What to see in La Vega de San Mateo

La Vega de San Mateo

La Vega de San Mateo has several protected nature reserves like Camaretas and Hoya de Gamonal. Also to mention El Pozo de las Nieves (maximum peak of the island), the ravine route of "La Mina" (ravine where water flows all year round and where the old water mills of the area are located).
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    La Vega de San Mateo has an unlimited number of places to visit, among them you can find: La Cantonera, the astronomical center Roque Saucillo (the first urban astronomical observatory) and Cruz de Tejeda.

    Not to forget the main tourist attractions which are a “must” to visit, if you want to get to know La Vega de San Mateo.

    Botanical Garden (Jardín Botánico)

    Opening hours: Every day from 08:00 – 18:00 hours (until 18:30 hours in summer). Located at the Central Street at KM 7 in Tafira, 35017 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria TEL. +34 928 219 580, FAX +34 928 219 581
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    The botanical Garden Viera y Clavijo is the biggest botanical garden of Spain and has more then 27 ha. to discover the rich endemic flora of Gran Canaria.

    Natural viewpoints

    San Mateo is municipality rich in natural landscapes with embedded strategic places which offer breathtaking panoramic views like:
    • El Mirador de Montaña Cabreja: Natural viewpoint, located at the mountain with the same name, which gives us a delightful panoramic view of the village of San Mateo, the gorge of Guiniguada and the city of Las Palmas.
    • El Mirador Natural de la Cruz
    • El Mirador Degollada Becerra en Tejeda
    • El Mirador de los Pechos: from where you can see the neighbor island Tenerife.
    • El Mirador Natural de El Talayón en Galaz

    Old Town

    When walking through the old town of San Mateo it is essential to visit the most allegorical buildings:
    • The Parrish church, Iglesia Parroquial de La Vega de San Mateo, located at the main street has a bell, which was donated by emigrants from Cuba, who were residing in the village. The central top part is crowned by three bells, designed by José Luján Pérez. The construction was completed in 1895.
    • The Alameda de Santa Ana, located next to the church, was built in 1943. Together with the town hall and the church they currently form a Neo-Canarian style complex.
    • The Ermita de Lourdes, Hermitage of Lourdes, carries the same name as the Virgin of Lourdes and is honored to Vega de San Mateo.

    Traditional Canarian Celebrations

    Celebrations of interest are the festivities in the month of July called “Fiesta de Agricultor”, the festival of agriculture, which is held the first Sunday of the month, demonstrating typical activities of farmers to the visitors in order to show them their work.
    In this month they also celebrate the “Fiesta de los Indianos”, the festival of the Indians in the neighborhood of Las Lagunetas.
    • 11th February: Our lady of Lourdes
    • 13th May: Our lady of Fátima
    • 26th July: Our lady of Santa Ana
    • 21st September: San Mateo local festivity.
    • First weekend in October: Celebration of the Owl – at the same place where the hotel is located.

    Useful phone numbers

    • City Hall: 928-661-381
    • Local Police: 928-661-860
    • Guardia Civil (Spanish military police): 928-661-372
    • Health centre: 928-661-831
    • Bus station: 928-661-395

    Activities in San Mateo

    How to get there

    Follow our directions for the quickest way to get to Hotel Rural Las Calas

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